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Day 32 of 100!

Sooo day 32 of my 100 day challenge! A true winter wonderland warm-up mile!

Day 29 of 100!

So Im already at day 29 of my 100 day challenge! It has been such a wonderful journey so far. I have just included running so far, but today I have decided to include creating every day as well. That could be writing, making a picture, a video, organizing or cleaning, coloring... etc. I also would love to include Josie in any of that as I know she has been wanting to do similar things. It makes me happy whenever I get to do things with my kids. :) The running part of my challenge has been so enlightening. I find that I truly to love to run outside when it is cold. My body responds very well and there is something that I like about my outsides being a little bit cold while my

Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

We just can no longer deny the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection and its role in our health. I just wanted to share a few parts of this book to hopefully get you to start thinking more about your own role in your health - starting with your habitual thoughts and unprocessed emotions. ********************** "When we finally make the connection between our thoughts, our beliefs, and our subsequent physical health and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver's seat of our lives." ************************* "The systematic stuffing or denying of the universal human need for emotional expression, love, support, partnership, self-actualization, and self-expression causes enormous emotion

Day 26 of 100

😃🏃🏽‍♀️🌈 Fastest warm-up mile so far! "Consistency is what matters the most in triggering something important to your life." ~~ Abdul Rauf

Day 24 of 100!

Day 24 of 100 of my running challenge! A one mile warm-up run and one of my fastest yet! 🏃🏽‍♀️


Let's talk about pain.... Pain is one of our GREATEST messengers... Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain... all of it. There are sooo many gifts in it. Your body will never lie to you - it will mirror back to you EXACTLY where your dominant thoughts have been.. what your dominant vibration is and point you to places DEEP within yourself that need some clearing out. It's also part of your guidance system. If you are feeling pain of any kind it is a good indication that what you are doing or thinking is taking you AWAY from what you say you really want. It is a brilliant system!! Emotional pain, and spiritual pain are also grand opportunities for growth and a great opportunity for you

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