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Love of Juliet's Work

Nathan Martin

"My experience with Juliet's Reconnective Healing was very different for me. I felt energy on my forehead for several minutes, and it slowly moved up my head toward my crown. Over the next several days, I felt like I had shifted energetically and have been more intuitive ever since. It was a much needed and noticeable tweak to my energy system, thank you Juliet! "

Susie Ekberg Risher

"I have had severe shoulder pain for over six months. After just one long distance healing session with Juliet, my shoulder pain is almost gone! This is true miracle, as nothing else has helped. I credit Juliet's powerful healing abilities, integrity, compassion, and dedication for the amazing transformation, and am eternally grateful for her Work. Thank you thank you thank you! "

Tonya Dexter

"Juliet is a gentle healer. Her Spirit is Love. When she works with you, she helps you to reconnect with Love and Wellness within yourself. When Juliet has done energy work with me, I have felt it tangibly and experienced both physical and emotional improvements. Juliet is a wonderful gift to humanity."

Roger Mayer

"Recommend Juliet Schutte? Are you kidding? Juliet has been such a Blessing in my Life, both professionally and personally. She is the consummate professional; but goes about her tasks in a most amazing, caring, compassionate manner. When you are working with Ms. Schutte her attention is on you and you alone. You are her mission and she focuses entirely on your physical and emotional betterment. The results are profound and carry on long after the work is done. Get to know her and you just cannot help but Love her."


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