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Day 7! Glutalicious!

Wow this week flew by!

Today another SealFit WOD

Baseline: 3 rounds of SealFit barbell complex - (6 of each movement without putting bar down. 35/55/65#)

Deadlift Bent over row Hang power clean Front Squat (more squats! ) Push press Back squats (the video cut off the back squats but haven't we seen enough of me doing those? )

Then, the main workout:

3 rounds for time: Finished in 62:11

1 mile run 50 box step ups 45# 20 deadlifts 135#

Did this with my friend Beth! (Made her do a classic sports pic at the end!) We didn't rush at ALL but just enjoyed the workout and chatted and had a great time! NOT that this wasn't tough though! The step-ups were really tough and then right into the deadlifts... Bye Glutes!! Lol!

Already picked tomorrow... ANOTHER Sealfit WOD! Will be awesome!


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