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Control the Mind

"Treat the body rigorously so it is not disobedient to the mind."

~~ Seneca

My physical pursuits have always had a more important purpose than just becoming a stronger PHYSICAL version of myself. My physical pursuits are mostly about becoming a stronger MENTAL version of myself.

If I have the choice between two workouts, one having my favorite movements and one having my least favorite movements, you can pretty much guarantee that I am going to pick the one with my least favorite movements, the ones I'm not good at. Why? Because I don't want to let the fears in my mind control my body. Your mind can be your worst enemy or your greatest friend.

I feel like I have heard too many of my friends lately shying away from difficult things, challenges, GROWTH! Try not to allow your mind to keep you in complacency under the disguise of - what some people in the Crossfit world call - "Scaling for life". Scaling for life can be a smart move but why are you doing it? Are you doing it because you know your limits and are doing it as you make your way to something more? OR are you doing it so that you don't have to experience discomfort, or so that you can be "assured" of a "win"? Ask yourself these questions the next time you are making a choice to do the more comfortable thing...

Become the master of your mind and body.



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