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But how do we listen? It is so simple and so hard. So obvious to begin and so elusive to maintain. In this lies the vitality of deep listening. To keep beginning. Over and over. To keep emptying and opening. And simply to keep listening." I read this quote today while reading one of my favorite books, The Exquisite Risk. I was so excited because it correlated so perfectly with what I was talking about the other day about breathing into my abdominals. Let me briefly explain if you didn't read that blog. I was talking about how I used my breath the other day to get through an intense abdominal workout. I talked about how amazing it worked but also how difficult it was to maintain

Breathe... 24.7

I LOVE this new shirt I got at Old Navy this weekend! BREATHE!! 24.7! I was just having a conversation with my son about how I use my breath during workouts to get through some of the toughest moments. Those who know me well know that I am always working on breath control and that I do my best and perform my best when I am calm and centered. It perhaps seems obvious that when you are working hard you should focus on your breath but when you are in it and you are trying to push yourself ... sometimes you may just forget. OR, you default to a panicked, fast-paced breathing because you are "supposed" to be breathing hard. I give the example often that, in the beginning of my b

A perfect day!

I started a fun, new tradition 2 weeks ago with my son and his girlfriend. Every Sunday we will go to Mile Hi Church to fill ourselves with Spirit. We then will go to a new restaurant every week to fill our bellies with good food and prepare our bodies for a Crazy Workout Sunday! I can't speak for them but I have had the most wonderful time! It feels so good to be at Church again connecting with those who have a similar belief to mine. I love the energy there but almost more importantly I love sharing the experience with my son. This past Sunday we all had a very interesting experience at the end of Church when everyone holds hands and sings. I had Bella to the right of me and Ch

Little Victories

Those of you who know me well know that I have been working on my strength for the past year or more. My strength in the past has been more cardio - based workouts and really long Hero WODs. I am great at pacing myself and love the mental challenge of pushing through a long workout. It has taken me a while to learn to love lifting heavy. Heavy squats, heavy deadlifts, heavy Olympic lifts... I can honestly say now, though, that I really do love it. I LOVE feeling strong and the feeling of a lot of weight on my back and in my hands. Now that the Crossfit Open is getting closer and closer I have been needing to get back into some of the more intense WODs that now, I don't neces

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