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A perfect day!

I started a fun, new tradition 2 weeks ago with my son and his girlfriend. Every Sunday we will go to Mile Hi Church to fill ourselves with Spirit. We then will go to a new restaurant every week to fill our bellies with good food and prepare our bodies for a Crazy Workout Sunday! I can't speak for them but I have had the most wonderful time! It feels so good to be at Church again connecting with those who have a similar belief to mine. I love the energy there but almost more importantly I love sharing the experience with my son. This past Sunday we all had a very interesting experience at the end of Church when everyone holds hands and sings. I had Bella to the right of me and Christopher was to the right of her and then I had another woman to my left. As soon as we joined hands there was a JOLT of energy that moved through us. It wasn't like a shock you get from static electricity but it was a deep surge of energy that we all felt deep inside our bodies. I looked at the woman next to me and she said, "Did you feel that?" I said, "Yes!". I looked over at Bella and said, "Did you feel that?" and SHE said "Yes!" There were only 5 of us that felt it and yet we were holding hands with a line of at least 50 people! Explain it scientifically how you will but, I believe it to have been the energy of Spirit! I was feeling particularly connected and joyful that day and perhaps everyone else around me had been too! I like to think we created some amazing and powerful energy with one another. :D That was just one of the many amazing things that happened that day. There were many many synchronicities and magic that occurred. From a perfect parking spot right in front of the cafe we went to, which was PACKED, to little signs and symbols we came across that affirmed to us that the Universe had been listening to our conversations. I love my alone time because, as I become more and more connected every day to Spirit, I know and feel like I am never really alone. Lately, though, I find myself craving and desiring to share my spirit and my spiritual, magical experiences with other people. I am grateful my son and his girlfriend were willing to start this tradition with me. It truly has been a gift and I look forward to many many more magical days shared with friends!

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