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Little Victories

Those of you who know me well know that I have been working on my strength for the past year or more. My strength in the past has been more cardio - based workouts and really long Hero WODs. I am great at pacing myself and love the mental challenge of pushing through a long workout. It has taken me a while to learn to love lifting heavy. Heavy squats, heavy deadlifts, heavy Olympic lifts... I can honestly say now, though, that I really do love it. I LOVE feeling strong and the feeling of a lot of weight on my back and in my hands. Now that the Crossfit Open is getting closer and closer I have been needing to get back into some of the more intense WODs that now, I don't necessarily look forward to! It seems so much more fun to lift heavy then feel that ache in my lungs and the burning in my muscles that most Crossfit WODS provide! It has only taken me a couple of weeks to begin appreciating that feeling again though. I am happy to say that, as of Sunday, to me I am officially "back"! Lol! I was in the middle of a great "chipper" WOD determined to "make friends with the beast", as one ultra runner termed that feeling when you want to stop. :D I could feel during my kettlebell swings the number where I REALLY wanted to stop. I was watching my mind as it started to try to convince me that I was getting tired and that I should put it down. I say it ALL the time, but these are the most important times in my workout. THIS is what I am training for, and not just so I can get in a better workout, push my body more and get a better time, but this is how I strengthen my resolve for ALL things in my life. This is how I strengthen my will, how I prove my drive and my determination. This is how I get BETTER! So, I think you already know what I did, or didn't do! Lol! I did all 40 of those kettlebell swings unbroken. I put that kettlebell down, looked at my son and said "YES!!!! - I'm BACK!" Those little victories are SO important and I usually have little goals like that in mind before I start ANY workout. For me it's not always about my time, in fact, sometimes I forget to look at my time when I am done. For me it is about getting a little better each time at something I know I struggle with. Add up all the little victories and you get... GLORY! :D #strongereveryday! #URLimitless

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