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The journey of my healing from an eating disorder... (Part 5 - last part!)

The next step for me came after watching a TV program with Paul McKenna - (Freedom from Emotional Eating). He was suggesting, “All you need to do is use this system, which is a process of psychological and behavioural change, and listen to signals from your body.” It was perfect! Because for the past 15 years I had been studying the body, mind, soul connection and I KNEW that the key to overcoming my food obsession was in my mind and spirit. Here was the “system” which was comprised of these 4 Golden Rules: 1. When you’re hungry, eat! (REAL hunger, not emotional hunger, which I was now able to distinguish) 2. Eat what your body wants. 3. Enjoy every mouthful. Eating consciously and mindfully

The journey of my healing from an eating disorder... (Part 4 of 5)

I always thought that even quitting drugs or smoking would be easier than healing a food issue because you HAVE to eat. How was I going to stop obsessing about food? My first step in healing the food issue was to do something so I wouldn’t have to think about food. I went on Nutrisystem. Now, I know that is not high quality food but I didn’t have a lot of options. (This was almost 10 years ago...) I picked the food out, it was delivered and I ate what I needed to. It worked perfectly for me and I am grateful that was even an option then. And, I actually liked it. I was on Nutrisystem for quite some time. I would say a year or more. In the meantime, I was still working on my inner s

The journey of my healing from an eating disorder... (Part 3 of 5)

So the journey begins several years later when I began to study alternative healing methods. It had always been an interest of mine and so I just started reading. I also read any other self-help book that drew my interest. Some of the books that have been the most impactful in my journey are: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers - Debbie Ford. Woman Heal Thyself - Jeanne Blum (This was over my head at the time, but still impactful) A Return to Love and A Woman’s Worth - Marianne Williamson A New Earth or anything by Eckart Tolle Wellness Workbook - John Travis and Regina Ryan There are many more but these were some that started my journey. See I knew that my issues with food s

The journey of my healing from an eating disorder... (Part 2 of 5)

I remember that the day I decided to start depriving myself of food I ate a small breakfast and didn’t eat the rest of the day. When evening came I went up to my room and did a 2 hour workout. The next day the scale said I was down 4 pounds! Because I hadn’t weighed myself in so long and then had weighed myself after having indulged all day while we were out shopping, I had no idea what my actually starting weight was. The problem was that I didn’t think about that at the time. All I knew was that what I had done the day before to lose weight had worked! Thus began the pattern. I had these weird rules. When I wasn't in school and on the weekends I would allow myself to eat until noon onl

The journey of my healing from an eating disorder... (Part 1 of 5)

Yesterday I posted a “Transformation Tuesday” picture of myself after deciding about a year ago to put on some muscle mass. So amazing that last night I wondered if I should tell the story of healing myself of my eating disorder and then happened to received a message this morning from someone asking me about it. So, I decided I would share the story of my journey. I hope that this helps someone else out there in their own healing journey. I may write this in a couple different notes and maybe make a video or two because honestly it really has been quite a long process. Let me give you a quick little background to start. I have always loved exercise. When I was young I was always on th

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