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Day 100!!!!

My 9th BolderBoulder and Day 100!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃🥳🤩 I will write a separate post later about my 100 day challenge but I have to say, I am SO pleased with my race today! It is not a PR time-wise but it was definitely the best I have EVER felt during and after a race. Every mile I came to I was like - Oh my gosh! Mile 1? Mile 2? Mile 3 already?.. Mile 5?! I'm almost done! 😂 And of course it was EXTRA special with Christopher and Bella running with me! 😍❤️ Well, not WITH me... Christopher took off! 😂 And sooo proud of Bella - she ran the whole time! I'm just so grateful to be able to run. I am so grateful to experience a race like the BolderBoulder with thousands of amazing people... J

Day 99 of 100!

So happy to honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy today with some of my very favorite people! ❤️🙏 (OH! And day 99 of my running challenge!) I am not going to lie... Once I got to the push-ups, this was rough! I started to get really hot and I have to be careful with that so that I don't get an exercise migraine. I DID eventually move toward the open garage door and the breeze helped a lot. Although today was my slowest "Murph" ever, I was and will always be grateful to do it... 🙏 Today... Un-partitioned... 20# vest. ROUGH!! "Murph" 1 mile run - 8:38 100 pull-ups - done at 17:38 200 push-ups - done at 38:46 300 squats - done at 54:16 1 mile run - (10:27) Finished in 66:00


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