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Day 99 of 100!

So happy to honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy today with some of my very favorite people! ❤️🙏

(OH! And day 99 of my running challenge!)

I am not going to lie... Once I got to the push-ups, this was rough! I started to get really hot and I have to be careful with that so that I don't get an exercise migraine. I DID eventually move toward the open garage door and the breeze helped a lot.

Although today was my slowest "Murph" ever, I was and will always be grateful to do it... 🙏

Today... Un-partitioned... 20# vest.



1 mile run - 8:38 100 pull-ups - done at 17:38 200 push-ups - done at 38:46 300 squats - done at 54:16 1 mile run - (10:27)

Finished in 66:00

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