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Let's talk about pain....

Pain is one of our GREATEST messengers...

Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain... all of it. There are sooo many gifts in it.

Your body will never lie to you - it will mirror back to you EXACTLY where your dominant thoughts have been.. what your dominant vibration is and point you to places DEEP within yourself that need some clearing out. It's also part of your guidance system. If you are feeling pain of any kind it is a good indication that what you are doing or thinking is taking you AWAY from what you say you really want. It is a brilliant system!!

Emotional pain, and spiritual pain are also grand opportunities for growth and a great opportunity for you to get present and BE HERE NOW!

Whenever you are having pain, or deep emotions - especially recurring pain and recurring situations that make you feel a certain way - take some time to go within... there are gifts to be opened!

If you dare, if you choose to be brave, open your heart and look directly at your pain you will find that it disappears much more quickly AND if you can go within your pain, feel it and look at it -- it won't have to come back louder so that you will....


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