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Day 29 of 100!

So Im already at day 29 of my 100 day challenge! It has been such a wonderful journey so far. I have just included running so far, but today I have decided to include creating every day as well. That could be writing, making a picture, a video, organizing or cleaning, coloring... etc. I also would love to include Josie in any of that as I know she has been wanting to do similar things. It makes me happy whenever I get to do things with my kids. :) The running part of my challenge has been so enlightening. I find that I truly to love to run outside when it is cold. My body responds very well and there is something that I like about my outsides being a little bit cold while my insides are warm. Most of my runs have been warm-up runs and so they haven't been super fast but I DO continue to actually get faster. I also have changed my running form to be more free and open and it feels really good. It is actually easier to run faster that way. I have only been running more conservatively because I first started running to train for a marathon and so my mind was always on conserving energy. I figure I don't always need to be doing that! Anyway, it's been fun and I look forward to the coming days!

Here are a few pictures from some of my runs!

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