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Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

We just can no longer deny the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection and its role in our health.

I just wanted to share a few parts of this book to hopefully get you to start thinking more about your own role in your health - starting with your habitual thoughts and unprocessed emotions.

********************** "When we finally make the connection between our thoughts, our beliefs, and our subsequent physical health and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver's seat of our lives."

************************* "The systematic stuffing or denying of the universal human need for emotional expression, love, support, partnership, self-actualization, and self-expression causes enormous emotional pain and also uses up a great deal of energy. Lacking a way to name and change their situations, many women (and men) instead turn to addictions such as overwork, overcare, smoking and overeating that result in an endless cycle of abuse that we ourselves help perpetuate."

************************ "Remaining unconscious about our acculturated habits takes an enormous emotional and physical toll on our bodies and spirits. These habits keep us from being connected with our inner guidance and our emotions. This disconnection, in turn, keeps us in a state of pain that increases the longer we deny it. It takes a lot of energy to stay out of touch with this pain, and we often turn to acculturated habits, such as addictive substances, to keep us from confronting that unhappiness and pain."

************************* "Ultimately, I've found it enormously empowering to realize that no scientific study can explain exactly how and why my own particular body acts the way it does. Only our connection with our own inner guidance and our emotions is reliable in the end."

************************* "My experiences in my own practice have led me to believe that health promotion and education won't do a thing to decrease health care expenses unless we as a society acknowledge the enormity of our own addictive behaviors and the personal pain hidden behind them."

************************ "Every overweight woman I know is clear about what she "should" eat. She doesn't need more nutrition information. She needs first to FEEL the pain that the excess food is chronically pushing down. This can only happen when she takes control of her own health and allows her own inner guidance to prevail - when she learns, in essence, to trust her own body's wisdom."

************************ "Instead of learning how to pay attention to the genius of our intuition and inner guidance, we instead internalize the belief that we are not worthy enough, smart enough, or good-looking enough to live lives of freedom, joy, and fulfillment."

~~ Excerpts taken from Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

** All of this applies to men too!!!

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