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Thank you

Universe - thank you for illuminating my path so clearly, and for filling me with passion that pulls me gracefully and swiftly through my days...


The best energy to start your day with when you are feeling a little bit lost is in the energy of gratitude. Since yesterday was Thanksgiving I thought it was a great opportunity to drive home this important point. Gratitude is the gateway to joy. It is the gateway to peacefulness and it is the gateway to all the things you say you desire in your life.

These days things may feel very uncertain and scary. You may feel incredibly ungrounded and off balance. Sitting in the energy of gratitude for even 30 seconds, pulls your energy and your mind back to the present moment and, combined with some mindful breathing, can change the tone of your day from one of chaos to one of tranquility. AND, your mind will become like a clear, calm lake and the next steps on your path will become much more clear to you.

So if you have been feeling this way, take a moment just to sit and be grateful. It can be for ANYTHING - your warm sweater, your pet, your hot coffee, your able body, whatever makes you feel happy and thankful. Then, state your desire with thankfulness of it being fulfilled ahead of time, (like the top sentence) and FEEL into the truth of that. I think you will be surprised at how quickly, and EASILY you are able to bring about those desires. But more importantly, you will feel so much better in the time in between.

All my love.


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