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Love Yourself More

It makes everything better.

Let me ask you.

If you loved yourself more - what would you think and do differently? What would you say to yourself? Or what would you STOP saying to yourself?

How would you present yourself differently? How would you walk? Would you talk to more people?

Would you engage in more activities?

How would your most important relationships change? Would you be a better mother/father, wife/husband, friend?

Would you help more people?

Would you perform at work better?

Would you take care of your body better? Would you eat better? Would you do more yoga? Would you exercise and move your body more? Would you take more time for yourself?

What would you no longer tolerate? Would you be able to love others more?

If you could close your eyes right now, and envision yourself as someone who truly loves themselves, what would that look like in your mind? How would you FEEL?

Now ask yourself what changes you would need to make to demonstrate that self-love.

You may or may not be ready to make those changes, but just being aware of your self-loathing thoughts and behaviors can be a great first step to self-love...

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