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Intently, purposefully, delicately.

"Sooner or later, if we want to feel what it is to be alive in a Universe that is alive, we will have to empty ourselves, open our hearts, and listen."

Today, my Exquisite Risk looked like this.

I was really intent on being fully present in my moments during the day. It is actually quite fascinating to me just how difficult it can be to stop the constant - Repetitive - thoughts and behaviors that tend to dominate our day to day experiences. I know, though, that if I truly want to step into Exquisite Risk I need to stop those thoughts when they come and remind myself that I am creating something new now. I need to empty myself, breathe more, say less, open my heart and just listen. Intently, purposefully, delicately.

I can't say I did it for even most of the day but, I did it for SOME of the day, and that is the beginning.


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