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Day 3/114 - Bye-bye triceps!

Today was pretty epic!

Boring to watch, (lots of waiting around for my arms!) but epic!!

A SealFit WOD

For time:

1000 meter row - nice and easy 4:48

Then an up and down Pyramid of 1 dead hang pull-up 2 dips 3 push-ups ** Adding 1 pull-up, 2 dips, and 3 push-ups each round until you hit 10 pull-ups and then go back down.

Then, a 4 mile (4.3 actually - 41:42! ) Run! Ohhh how I enjoyed this run!

Total time: 1:52:34 Total of 100 dead hang pull-ups 200 dips 300 push-ups!

Hope I can move my arms tomorrow!!


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