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Day 2 of 114!

Today was a great day!

The middle part of this workout was the toughest for me and obviously took the longest, but it was so good!

I DID have to modify the bar muscle ups after a while because my shoulder started to hurt, but I am always glad to get some of them in. My arms were just SO fatigued from my workout Friday which was part of the reason those bar muscle ups got so tough. I didn't THINK it would affect me today but it really did. I actually thought the 1040 lunges I did yesterday and the consequent glute soreness was going to be more of issue but that wasn't the case! Lol!

The last part of the workout was kind of a great shakeout and I enjoyed that - although running on that AirRunner is NOT my favorite thing to do. Why is it SO tough?!?! :P

My body is feeling pretty overall sore right now but that is part of working out and challenging ones self so - I am excited for tomorrow!

Hugs and love!


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