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Day 1 of 114

I started my challenge today and boy was it a good one!

25:00 Lunge Test

With 20# vest - lunge 400 meters.

at 25:00 take the vest off and lunge another 400 meters for time.

My weighted vest time was 22:12 and my unweighted vest time was 16:34. You can see in the video that I did 25 foot lengths and did 52 of those for each 400 meters. Also each 25 feet was10 steps for me so it was 520 steps per 400 meters!

I felt pretty good most of the time. My hip flexors were pretty lit up so I played with my steps to try to alleviate some of that. It definitely helped when I took the vest off and then I tried to be more "springy" to limit time under tension.

We'll see how sore I get in the next couple days but I feel pretty good right now. Lol!


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