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An invitation...

6 days left in the year! 🥳🎉

I invite you to take some time today, this week .. and assess where you are. Be completely and totally honest with yourself. Ask yourself some very important questions - like these:

What do I want for myself this coming year? What does it look like to me to have a full, rich life? Who am I becoming? How stressed do I feel? Am I getting enough rest? Am I feeding my body -- am I feeding my spirit? What am I tolerating in my life that is not serving me? Is what I'm doing right now life-affirming or life-numbing? What am I resisting? Where am I sabotaging myself? What will my life look like if I keep doing what I'm doing? What patterns keep coming up for me over and over again that I haven't looked at? How will that feel? What am I willing to change? What am I NOT willing to change? Am I having enough FUN?

Just be really honest about where you are right now and then you can move forward with more clarity and focus...

Here's to one of your best years ever!! ❤️


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