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My Human Being Project

"In the presence of life, with no one to interpret or explain the pain or wonder we trip upon, it is the heart that can absorb without preference; that can take in widely and let out narrowly; that can hold on to sediment or sift what is coarse, collecting what is fine.

Each of these ways of tasting has its gifts and its difficulties. But central to all is letting life move through us. For experience releases meaning as it filters through the living. Everything encounters life in this way: wind through trees, rain through roots, light through dark.

Being human, we experience an unpredictable flexing and relaxation of the heart, the muscle by which we converse with the world. Depending on the day, experience will make our hearts open or narrow or hold on to or sift."

~~ Mark Nepo


Having relationships - all types of relationships - can be hard. Dealing with other human beings and all of their emotions, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, past traumas and fears can be exhausting for anyone but especially for an intuitive empath.

When I feel hurt, or disappointed, for whatever reason, I can feel so strongly the urge to narrow my heart, to close my life and to retreat inside. I have to remind myself in those instances, though, that my choice for my life is NOT to do that. I could easily move up to a mountain top to avoid human interactions and that would feel really good to me in many respects but in other respects it feels to me like a cop out. The ability to stay in my highest Self while living a "regular" life is - to me - the Masters' challenge. I remind myself that my desire is for continued soul growth and that the best way to grow is through experience.

I LOVE the words in the above quote, "...experience releases meaning...".

From now on, when something happens in my life experience that creates an urge in me to close my heart and my life I will remember those words and open myself right back up.

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