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Day 3 of 100

Day 3 of my 100 day running challenge was truly wonderful!

Today I did a short recovery run ...

It's so interesting for me to notice that most of the time, unless I am sprinting, my running form is something I adopted many years ago when I was training for my first marathon. I noticed that I run more upright keeping my knees always slightly bent attempting to conserve energy and run "structurally". While I recognize and appreciate that that has gotten me through many many training runs and races, I don't think it is the most efficient way for me to run and certainly isn't the best way to put less stress on my body. Running in this way isn't taking advantage of one of the strongest muscles in my body... my glutes! I realize I don't push through my stride and take advantage of my strength as much as I can. SO - during this recovery run I decided to run "like a kid". Kids just run! When kids are running and playing, they aren't thinking about how to conserve the most energy, they are just running! And most of the time they are running easily, relaxed and running fast! So I did just that. I ran like a kid. I relaxed my body but put full power into my legs without thinking about conserving any energy at all. If I got tired and needed to slow down and walk then I would. But, you know what? That didn't really happen! My legs felt so strong, my breathing was faster but not too much to handle and I never really did have to slow down. Not just all of that, but it felt much more fun and I so enjoyed being outside on this beautiful December day... I am looking forward to what my other runs may reveal to me! You can see my route and follow me here on Strava if you would like!


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