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I love the word "Nourish".

It has such a loving and compassionate energy to it compared to the word "Feed".

It's like the difference between "hearing", and "listening".

Or the difference between "looking", and "seeing".

There seems to be a quality of pure presence, care and mindfulness to the word Nourish.

Let me ask you this...

Are you feeding your body just to get through the day, or are you NOURISHING your body with fresh food and exercise that make you feel good?

Are you feeding your mind with mindless information and disturbing news, or are you nourishing your mind with positive messages and loving thoughts?

Are you nourishing your spirit? Do you pay attention to your Spirit and soul at ALL?

What about your relationships?

I invite you to begin today putting mindfulness, care and presence into all that you are and all that you do and begin to truly NOURISH your life.

There is no better time...

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